What’s Underground Matters Most

We have a saying around Urban Landscape that "anyone can trim a bush, it is what is underground that matters most."

We say this because we believe that anyone can mow lawns, trim hedges, and replant foliage. What we believe separates Urban Landscape from the competition is having a team of landscapers that understand the importance of well managed irrigation and the cost avoidance that can be achieved if it is executed correctly on an ongoing basis. Our teams help your community manage its irrigation so that water usage is minimized, erosion is avoided, and plant life is maximized. Beyond the environmental impact that this type of proactive management can have, your community’s bottom line will be supported by helping to reduce overall water usage, decrease plant replacements needed, and dramatically reduce any slope work required to avert the problem of erosion of your land. Urban Landscape’s team provides this kind of proactive management as it moves through its daily maintenance activities on your property.