The process of designing and executing an exceptional outdoor living space depends on the collaboration of you, the homeowner, and a team of talented and experienced landscape professionals. Urban Landscape brings together the very best in architects, irrigation technicians, foreman, and management to seamlessly and beautifully bring your project’s vision to life.

Step 1

Get to know you and your vision for your outdoor spaces. The most successful projects are ones where your vision and our expertise come together to create a space that perfectly fits you. During our initial time together we will walk your property to gain an understanding of the way in which you intend to use and live your outdoor areas. We will assemble a set of objectives and collaborate on the style, function, and budget that best suits you and your family. We will complete this phase by delivering to you a visual rendering of your project that will illustrate the design and functionality of your new outdoor area.

Step 2

Acquire necessary permits and engineering requirements Urban Landscape works directly with the city and a team of hand selected engineers in order to assemble all of the required permits and engineering prerequisites necessary to complete your project.

Step 3

Lay the Groundwork: Perhaps one of the most crucial phases of the construction process is the meticulous installation of all underground utilities to include plumbing, electrical wiring, irrigation, and drainage. These elements ensure the proper functioning of your home’s outdoor entertainment areas, kitchens, water features, irrigation systems, and lighting. As a part of Urban’s commitment to outstanding quality at every level we see to it that on every job, this element is handled by one of our most senior level technicians.

Step 4

Build from the Ground Up: Using an artful hand and years of experience in high end residential landscape construction, our foreman begin to construct the hardscape components of your outdoor living area. From pools to patio covers and planters to outdoor kitchens, your vision begins to take shape, bringing to life the rendering that you once saw. You can begin to see the true potential of your outdoor space as an extension of your home.

Step 5

Bring together the structural and natural: Like the final step in any creative process, the addition of the natural elements to the structural, is what truly makes your outdoor space breathtaking. Urban Landscape differentiates itself in its ability to carefully identify and place exotic flora alongside everyday plant life to create a lush landscape that compliments the most beautiful of homes. What’s more, their experience with integrating drought tolerant vegetation helps you to honor the environment responsibly.