Whether your project begins with a blank canvas or an existing backyard that just requires some enhancements, Urban Landscape is in a unique position to help you achieve your goals. We have spent the last two decades fine-tuning the individual arts that make up landscape design and construction as a whole. While many of our competitors are good at one particular component,  we feel that our years of training and talent retention, have afforded us an unparalleled expertise across the spectrum of landscape design and construction. 


As one of the largest parts of a project, it is important to choose the right materials for your property and the right talent to put them together in a way that truly enhances your overall project. As a part of our hardscape design process, we look to our talented team of architects and the artisans who construct them, to create beautiful and captivating palette of stonework and concrete.


While so many people focus on what is on the surface in landscape projects, perhaps one of the key things in determining the long-term success of your landscaping is a well-designed and implemented irrigation system. Our irrigation technician is a 22-year veteran and helps to ensure that your property receives the right balance of irrigation and drainage so as not to under or overuse water, both of which have costly consequences. Unlike some of our competitors who often choose profit margin over quality materials, we are committed to using only the highest caliber elements, to ensure lasting value and performance for our clients.


The proper choice and placement of plant materials can mean the difference good and truly extraordinary landscape design. We take pride in our selection of plant materials. While we are prepared to use common plants in a visually pleasing arrangement, our specialty is exploring exotic and unique flora that gives each home a distinctive and lush appeal.


Urban Landscape believes that each and every custom water feature is an opportunity to create a truly unique work of art. Working from our own original designs and truly unique materials, we create water features that are beautifully authentic, original, and timeless enhancements to your property.


When we set out to develop a theme that will carry through a project, it many times includes the design and construction of a pool. Our objectives in the process are to create a pool that not only enhances and compliments your home, but also creates a welcoming and private place to enjoy your leisure. As with other facets of your project, a great deal of thought and planning goes into this phase of your design so that the visual impact and symmetry are memorable.


Every spa that we design and build at Urban Landscape is looked upon as yet another distinct opportunity to be creative. We feel that even with its close proximity it is not just another part of the pool. It is our belief that the spa should stand-alone and have enough visual interest and practicality to produce ultimate beauty and function.


It is often the desire of the homeowner to adorn their patio areas with a shade element. This can be a simple open beam structure or a fully functional outdoor kitchen. We specialize in building overhead structures that compliment and enhances the homes’ architecture, while also providing the necessary canopy for shade and privacy. Regardless if the structure is simple or elaborate, we will provide a finished product that completely compliments the overall aesthetic of your home and your outdoor space

Barbeques and Outdoor Kitchens

One of the many benefits of the California climate is that it caters to the outdoor lifestyle, which so often involves outdoor dining and barbeques. With that in mind, this aspect of your landscape design should incorporate a functional, free flowing layout that accomplishes your particular objectives for beauty, function, and practicality. Thanks to our years of experience, we are able to work with you to identify the appliances and layout that best suit your needs for outdoor entertaining.